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    • Customer service 8
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The General Manager Tom at 7859 Hwy. 64 in Bartlett has no sense of customer service. We where trying to ask him questions about the return policies after spending $652.00 with this company. Tom has a very smart mouth and all he could say was, and I quote (what do you want me to do I just work here)! Really, maybe you should hire people with some customer service experience. Im here right now people are really complaining about this store, not... Read more

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I'm writing this review because I have friends who received poor service from American Freight. I'm telling everyone I know and anyone standing next to them, never use American Freight! They lie, they cheat, they steal your money! And they have the audacity to call themselves American anything...shameful!

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Damaged my door frames and then asked me to sign a waver. Got all my furniture in boxes and I cant put it together myself. The told me they dont offer assembly but if I brought it back, they would charge me to do it, as if the $1000 plus delivery wasnt enough... No place does it say 'assembly required' Tv or purchase receipts... My advice, always use a card. Theyll get your money back. Jay Chase Lansing Michigan Read more

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Worst furniture ever made in history. Made of cheap wood and worthless materials. This company should never be allowed to sell anything, EVER!!!

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Last sunday they delivered sofa n love seat to my address in ofallon. Today I found 5 open staple pin at my carpet. I have a 10 months old baby who crawls and a natural habit of picking stuff. The delivery persons saw my baby and still they r so carless to open the pack and left the tiny but dangerous pin on the carpet. I am still horrified and panicked to think if my little one pick and swallow one of those dangerous pin scattered all over the... Read more

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They were helpful as ***. Got my stuff real fast at pretty good prices. 4.8 stars out of 5

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I spent over five thousand dollars in one day with this company when they delivered to my mom they had broken and wrong furniture when they had to make another trip they asked me for another delivery fee i said no they sorted it out came back then upon delivering broke my mothers railing on her porch, then comes the delivery to my house, when they were getting my couch inside they pushed it so hard through the door they ripped my couch i... Read more

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Went and brought a mattress set from them wanted low profile box springs was not in stock so was to take 1 week took 6 weeks had to stay on them the whole time until i got them they never offered me a call ar all

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I have had a terrible experience purchasing furniture from the fort Myers store #57. The employees including the manager and general manager Ein Okeith have no regard toward their customers which is evident by there lack of urgency to correct the wrongs of damaged furniture and time of delivery. I absolutely would love to just get all of my money back due to this horrible experience and I will never ever purchase items from this store again and... Read more

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This experience buying and receiving furniture from American Freight in Fort Myers, FL store number 57 has been a complete nightmare! There is no customer service attitude, and the employees including the managers are not willing to help fix the problems. As a paying customer, the manager who helped me did not inform me of the extra $80 charge to build everything and put it all together. Now, as the delivery "boys" who clearly had no clue what... Read more

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