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I worked there they rip people off, their mission statment is a lie this is not bought out or close out furniture, it is new from various horrible companies that push these low grade products to the public , when they break, trust me they will you will get no refund, no warranty the warranties you get are all lies, and no help. But they will be happy to sell you some more *** from there store.

Don't worry they treat their employees as bad as they treat the customers!!! Many illegal practices here.AND NEVER!! NEVER PUT YOUR MONEY IN A LAYAWAY!!! its a scam they tell you to put money down pick items and they will hold it till whenever you pay it off, BS.

They take your money, sell your items, then tell you all the money you put in you have to pick something else, if you want your money back they put you thru a long aggrivating process and try and charge bogus fees to your hard earned money!!! And they dare to put the name American in front of their name.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Freight Furniture Warranty.

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i applied for a job at the American freight in goodlettsville Tennessee and was called in for an interview on a Sunday evening around 5:30 of all times and asked if i could come in then for the interview and i explained i was on my way to church could i come in the next morning and thay sounded someprised.

the next morning i went in for the interview at 9:00 am as i said i would.

i arrived at 9:00 sharp and waited for about 2 hours before i was interviewed.

i was interviewed by a kid no older then 25 I'm 57 and a veteran of two wars and proud of it.

i did the interview and was asked some of the stupidest questions i had ever heard and .

i never seen not one employee over 30 in the entire store i seen i had no chance at all geting a job there. and I'm convinced it had to do with 3 things..i was a Christian..i was a war vet and my age of 57..

needless to say i never received a call back for a job.. please before you deside to buy from this company do some research.

thay do not treat people the same. Wayne.k.m..USMC.78-95

to war vet #1291036

You don't believe you were hired because you are a war vet? The president of sales of the company is a war vet along with dozens of employees.

Some of the most successful managers are under age 25, as well as over 55... If you have a problem answering to somebody younger than you, then you should work your tail off to become the boss. Being a christian?

Are you kidding? Seems you didnt get the job based on your attitude which is clearly dreadful.

to tom #1562293

Wow who are u to judge him

to war vet #1556099

Why do you think it was because you were Christian??


thats not ture they are amazing

to gdfgsdfg #1413733

you must be an employee.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #710807
:upset we had an awful crazy experience at this place and i don't doubt anyone's comments about this company! we were hounded and followed from the moment we walked in, even though we made it clear we were only looking!

they were rude and obnoxious, not to mention annoying!!! we finally decided to buy a lamp, only to be told it would take 2 weeks to come in, but they never offered to sell one of two on the floor!!! we walked out vowing never to go back.

We left feeling like we were not in america anymore but had stepped into a very strange universe!!!! :eek please put this place out of business!!!

American freight in Cobb county suckkkkkks I had a warranty claim going on for almost a year and then all of the sudden the manager " josh" was no longer there and no one had any notes imagine that so now I lost out on 2500 dollars worth of useless cheap furniture

to Anonymous #876715

you the biggest lier they are the best place ever


American Freight's Steve Belford. Your company in Louisville ripped off my Visa Card...delivered unusable, broken,dirty and wrong furniture to my home.

Damaged my home with the delivery then refused within 12 hours of delivery to take the furniture back and refund my money. If this isn't corrected soon Mr. Belford then you will never forget me I can promise you this. I will sue you in court because enough is enough.

I am a disabiled single woman that doesn't take kindly to being ripped off period.

I have three receipts your store made on one transaction that shows complete disregard for the law and is so obvious to fraudgerlent activity. katherinelaine@yahoo.com

to Katherine Hall Cleveland, Ohio, United States #663869

i ahd purchased on line a few yrs back and paid -like a fool- all of the money for a secdtional. we kept calling and calling and cow-pow excuses up the butt.

finally we put a stop to the furniture as it was never delievered they said one day we were on the list between opening + closing of the place we waited and no furniture. says they got backed up. after 3 wks i finally stopped payment through my bank and they took care of that aas fraud and i will never order from them again. if u use any time of credit/debit card and do not receive what u were promised the bank will help u out.

no cks as it would cost to musch to stop it and besides that those SOB's would of cashed that asap.. hope this helps..

First time dealing with American Frieght of Ocala FL. Gavin and Stephen, the Managers at the time helped me pick out a whole house full of furniture with some great deals and savings, espc with this bad economy that we are all stuck in! Thanks again to those two men that helped an older lady like myself! It looks great and Im always getting complements on my new stuff!
By the way, the scotch gaurd works great!

Joe Holloway sounds like you have more than furniture issues.... maybe more like personal issues. Mr. Belford seems like a class act! Shame on you Mr. Holloway!

Once again Thank you Gavin and Stephen for the customer service and great deals! :)

Well I didnt have a bad experience with American Freight. I got my furniture 4 years ago and is holding up great.As with anything , you go for the cheapest you get what you pay for and be ready to take it home your self.

Other than that I do know the layaway is bogus.... A lady was freaking out when I was there and couldnt get her money back when her furniture wasnt ready afer waiting 10 days.

So with that being said dont go to a cheap store and get the cheapest stuff and expect great outcomes with high quality expectations. Guess next time I will go to value city cuz I dont wanna get jerked around eithor, maybe I just got luckey the first time around.


These people sold my mom a warranty which turned out to be complete BS! They sold her some sort of cleaning warranty for a two piece microfiber sofa and love seat.

Said it covered stains, spills, cigarette burns, etc- all she would have to do was call it in... Well, about a year after purchase, she tries to get a cleaning (the most basic of the services the warranty covered)...needless to say, she's still waiting 4 years later.......they'll tell u anything to get a sale.


I may have been the customer the employees in Orlando, FL on Viscount Row laughed about. I put furniture on lay-away and they sold it.

I have recently taken the rest of the furniture off lay-away,but had to use the money towards something else.

After reading these complaints, I want to get my money back which is over $200.00

Any ideas what I would have to go through to get my deposit back?


Consumer Advocate, your full of it, you didn't even post the correct numbers. Most likely you two are working for a competitor and loosing your ***.


I to bought from American Freight and the service at the Hilliard location sucks. I was told my item would be delivered the next day and it never came.

The next morning I called and they said it would be delivered sometime that day. Well it was delivered and the leather on the sectional had tares in it so I had to call about that. They said they would put an order in for a new one and I would have it in 7-16 days. Then I had to go in to pick up my warrenty papers because the deliver guys forgot it (also the deliver guys I got worded in the store the reg.

deliver company never showed). They told me when I was there they have found one at another store they can get so I don't have to wait so long and they would let me know if they were able to get it for me.

Well it have been a week so I guess they didn't. Either was I did get refunded $100 for the *** I have put up with (of course the *** I have put up with is worth more then $100) but we are looking at other stores to finish buying the other furniture we want and American Freight is out about $5000 because there customer service sucks.

Monument, Colorado, United States #245339

Poor Steven Belford the slime ball that he is.Since he found out that he didn't have grounds for legal action against me he has to stupe to more lies about me in order to try and cover his own tracks and is trying to protect his name and that of his company American Freight.

Belford was unable to tell the truth in this post of our conversation in which he called me and made threats towards me legally and what appeared to be personally.

Mr.Belford appears to be a confused human being.

He dosen't like the truth coming out about him or his company American Freight which is not a surprise..He likes to be in control of people but dosen't like it when he is backed into a cornor, which most slime balls don't.

Steven Joel Belford is another work of art that runs a large percentage of corporate america at this time.

When you see a Owner like Steven Belford post a comment like he has it should provide great insight about the mentality of the individual the public is dealing with directly or indirectly.

Consumers should think twice and remember the phrase BUYER BEWARE when dealing with American Freight and Steven Belford.


Joe Holloway is a Liar. While it is true I called and politely asked him to remove the lies he posted.

He then proceded to threaten me with with comments about being concerned about my health. He said in a way that was suppose to intimidate me. Simply put Joe Holloway is a liar and doesnt tell you he is a disgruntled ex employee with no sense of pride. I am not a slimeball and we are happy to help any customers with any problems they may have 1-866-884-6178

ask for Susan.

American Freight is very active with "Homes for Heroes" "Save the Children" "Doctors without Borders" "Hole in the Wall camps".

How much charitable work have you done Joe Holloway? If you put the energy that you put into blogs into charitable work you too could make a difference


I bought furniture, paid in full, and it was NEVER delivered. The ghetto staff in the Atlanta stores make the sale and then diss you when you try to find out info.

Luckily, my card company is fighting for my money back, because I would never get any satisfaction from the ho's in the sto's. Beware of this trashy outfit.

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