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We ordered a bedroom set priced at over $1000 and made the required monthly payments per our contract. A final payment was made and we were told by the manager that our furniture would be ready for delivery in two weeks or less. According to American Freight’s “Terms and Conditions” it states delivery could take as much as four weeks so I wasn’t too set on getting it in two weeks or less as previously stated. We never received a single phone call from American Freight and after one month from the date we paid the furniture off I contacted American Freight and their response was, “Your furniture is on backorder and we do not have a date for when it will be here.” Two weeks later I called again (still never received a phone call from the company). They stated, “It may come in on this next truck but we don’t really know when our trucks come or what is on them.” Again, still nothing and no phone call from the company. I finally submitted a Better Business Bureau complaint and received this response from the regional manager:

the furniture is on backorder from the manufactory. we do not have a date because they are out of it. the customer can either wait on it to come in, which we dont know a date, come into the store to reselect even if they pick out something better we will work out a price, or get a refund

Jessie Shaum, Regional Manager

740 833 5897

I then contacted American Freight again and requested to speak to the manager but was told the manager was assisting a customer. I told the woman on the phone my problem and she said to call back tomorrow when the manager would be there (after she just told me the manager was helping a customer). I called back the following day and the manager was again, helping a customer. I requested the manager call me back in reference to my furniture and I never received a phone call.

I showed up at the store that following Sunday to speak to the manager and he said he never knew I called. I told him my problem and gave him the regional manager’s solution from the BBB. His response was, “Everything was on backorder and it would be another 3 weeks before anything comes in.” Frustrated, we were about to leave and he said, “Well we do have a couple things coming in tomorrow.” We decided on a set that was coming in tomorrow just to be done dealing with the company. Delivery was scheduled the following evening between 5p and 8p. At 7:45p the delivery guys showed up, unloaded our furniture, and left. We unboxed everything to find a 4” hole in the bottom of the dresser and the mirror frame was cracked on both sides. We would have to pay two additional delivery charges to get another dresser (one to take the broken one back and another to get our replacement). We decided to cut our losses and live with the one with the hole. I was able to fit the mirror in my car and took it back to the company to get a replacement and never received one apology for everything I had to go through. They also could care less about the damaged dresser and made no mention of it after it was brought to their attention.

I suggest anyone looking for a deal to pay a little extra and go with a different company. This company has absolutely no customer service experience and only cares about money coming in the door. Their last concern is making sure the customer is happy. They will not call you if your furniture is on backorder and they will not return your phone call if you leave a message for the manager. They will though act like your best friend when you walk the sales floor to pick out a set of your liking. Please, Google search this company for reviews as this is not the only negative review this company has.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Freight Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Just had about the same issues with them here in Ohio. I'm very unhappy with the way they deal with customer service... I won't be shopping with them again.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #931736

Thank you i will not buy their *** furniture now!!

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