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When you put furniture on layaway the store is supposed to store it so I was paying on furniture that was no longer being manufactured and wasn't in storage this company is a fraud and no one wants to give you back any $ or help out in any way I suggest if you don't have the $ don't buy from this place because the layaway is not a true layaway what would it take for this company to have some good customer service all they had to do is call the customer and let them know about this issue we work hard for our $ for some of us layaway is the only way we can afford things it's ashamed that companies take advantage of ppl like this

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Layaway.

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Plus, you don't lose your money. You can change the aet you want or get a refund. Very simple.


They have signs posted that says (and of you ask) the layaway is for the price of the items and not the actual items. They don't have room for that.

Thats why they're cheaper. If you get it out while that store still has it, then you get the one you wanted.

It happens to many people, me included. Pick a different set.


Perhaps it's a sign from the universe... If your credit is so bad you couldn't finance or charge it.....

and you can't afford to buy it now, then you really have no business buying. Obviously the merchant chose to sell the merchandise to someone who could pay for it in full. Is it "fair"?

No. But fairness isn't guaranteed anywhere in life.

to Anonymous #1419432

What a,mean thing to say. It's still their money. Who are you to say what ppl do and do not deserve....wow

to Anonymous #1425362

I agree that is a terrible thing to say, if a person should have credit cards or pay cash, then why do they offer layaway. I don't know who posted that, but anonymous you need to hush. I paid for mine in cash 900.00 and I still got screwed.

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