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I would not do business with a company who yells at you in their commerical. I am just writing to say I hate the commerical.

Its loud and annoying and I hit the mute button whenever I am watching TV and it comes on. It is right up there with the Allgood Home Construction commerical. But American Freight is the most annoying. Don't they realize, people might be more likely to do business with someone who doesn't yell at them.

Most people hate loud commercials. You have the volume set where you want and then some *** loud commerical comes on and it is very annoying!!!!!

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I agree


Whoever made that commercial is a sadist. I would never, ever shop at this place because of the commercial.

I heard it this morning, loud and annoying. FYI- when you scream and yell it does not help your business, people want to get as far away from you as possible.

Raymond, Ohio, United States #1297499

I hate this commercial. I should not have this to mute this trash everytime it comes on. I will never step foot into one of their stores.

Lexington, Michigan, United States #1290099

I refuse to buy ANYTHING from American freight because of their yelling commercials. I hate them irritating and obnoxious

Auburn, Alabama, United States #1256808

Absolutely agree. The worse!!!

Loveland, Ohio, United States #1252735

Yes I agree . An for me , McCluskey Chevrolet An Last But Not Least The General.


I totally agree with you about the annoying AF commercials. And they are not the only offenders-- Sleep Outfitters, Mattress Overstocks, various car dealerships.

The only thing that will work is to let them know you will refuse to consider their offers with those kinds of ads.

We are at the mercy of the corporate decisionmakers. They all play to a primitive base level of human psychology which we have to be vigilant against.

Massillon, Ohio, United States #1217625

I couldn't agree more. What type of *** executive would make such an irritating commercial, then expect people to come to their store? I would rather sit on a bucket than go there and buy any of their junk furniture.

Massillon, Ohio

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1213799

He sounds like an angry squirrel.


It wouldn't shock me in the least if this were just a money-laundering operation. Everyone I hear from that -has- bought anything from them complains about the service (rude) and the products (often defective, and/or poor quality, and you can never get service or get them to honor a warranty).

I don't know of anyone who is happy with them. Between that and the commercial which seems designed to drive people -away- from their business, I can't fathom that they're fully legitimate.




I agree! Not only does this commercial make me want to never buy anything from this company but it makes me want them to never be allowed to air commercials again.

What is the problem??? Do they really think the "let's scream until they hand over their money" tactic will work?


These idiots that scream tends to make me stay away from the store. I hate, hate, double hate the screaming furniture commercial.


The worst commercial on TV! Like everyone else, I'm sitting with my finger on the mute button, especially Thurs and Fri.

when they yell at you the most.

An insult in our intelligence.

If they think this will get me into their business they're mistaken. If they were selling $100 bills for a nickel, I'd pass.


This is the most annoying commercial on TV. I hit the mute button and I will not buy anything from them.


I agree I won't shop their til they get rid of the loud announcer

to Anonymous #1129861

I would NOT buy from them even if they stopped.the commercials. The damage is done!


I agreed!! With loud mouth announcer, I won't cross your threshold !

Poor taste!!

Get your act together, unless your target is lower class people.


I would never do business with any company that has such a loud, annoying spokesperson. What are they thinking?

I have to mute it whenever it airs. Too bad, as we often purchase home furnishings.


I hope American Freight goes out of business. They're commercials are ridiculously loud. Show some respect for people!

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