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This is the worst store ever. First off, this store bribes their customers with a free lamp if you will write them a good review, so take all good reviews with a big grain of salt. My fiancee and I had just gotten a new house and decided to check out American Freight in Washington, IL after receiving one of their flyers. We ended up making a $3500 purchase from this god-awful place and they rewarded us by treating us like dirt.

We went in to American Freight and picked out furniture 3-weeks ahead of our move in date. We then scheduled the delivery for the day of our move in and paid in full. The store told us that they'd pull all of our items for us and store all of our pieces for free, until the delivery day. We had no contact from this store after then. We called the store on the delivery day and they fed us some lie about how some of our items were backordered! How in the world is this the case when they told us that they were storing it for us 3 weeks ago? The lady "Nikki" also wanted to charge us an additional $55 delivery fee at a later date, when it finally came in... Total scam! When they told us that the driver was finally headed out with the items they did have in stock for us, they said his phone was not working so they couldn't give us any further updates. We heard nothing from the driver and we called the store just before closing, only to find out that he hadn't even left yet! They told us that the couches we paid for were somehow damaged, which I believe was an excuse or why wouldn't they have called us? The worker we spoke to "Nikki" was so very rude and unapologetic that it is amazing this place still does business. She even hung up on us at one point because she said we were keeping her there too late! When the driver did finally come out with only about half our stuff, it contained a damaged set of box springs, which had to be sent back. Needless to say, I had to call the corporate office and get the regional manager involved in order to even begin sorting this all out.

A couple days later they finally delivered our couches (in a pickup truck I might ad), only for them to be damaged anyway! And...there was still a piece of furniture missing after this delivery! I will say that the regional manager did finally get all of our items to us and gave us a partial refund for the damaged couches and the trouble, so there is a small silver lining to this story. However, it did take about 30 phone calls to the store and the regional manager, two failed delivery attempts, and a trip to the store to physically pick up the final piece in order to get all of our items.

My advice to you is that you shouldn't be fooled by their flyers and advertisements with deals that sound too good to be true, because they won't be available when you go. Instead, I believe that they hope you make the same mistake as we did and end up settling for some furniture pieces that are priced good, but not great. Then, they will likely proceed to make you go through heck to get it.

This store has a terrible problem with communication and lying to customers. There are even more examples I could give, but this review is long enough already. According to their delivery drivers, this store constantly has to have management from the corporate office at the Washington store, trying to clean up the Washington store's messes. Do yourself a favor and avoid the headache of dealing with this place. This place is one big scam.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of american freight furniture furniture set. American Freight Furniture needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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This has been resolved by corporate to the best of their abilities, but I posted this review as a warning to future potential customers.

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