This just drives customers away. We "mute" the TV when the commercial starts.

It is too loud, it is annoying, and it is certainly not profeesional advertizing.

The verbal portion of the commercial is so fast it is barely understandable. You need to listen to it and decide for yourselves what will attract customers. I will not shop at American Freight for this reason.

Other family and friends feel the same way. Wake up American Freight!

Fire your advertizing person and find someone that understands advertizing. If I continue to make this a total of 100 words it would all be negative anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Freight Furniture Commercial.

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unclaimed freight and cabinet commercials that say growing,growing,growing are by the same loud,annoying,obnoxious announcer.and I will NEVER buy from either of these places because of the yelling intrusive agonizing voice of this dipstick!

Radcliff, Kentucky, United States #1338180

Tell your P.R. to Try whispering and will get more response.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1307192

I have it muted right now...can't stand to listen to it

Nitro, West Virginia, United States #1289999

Yes that load commercial makes me want to call them and blow an air horn in their ear.


I have no desire to even know what this *** company sells. It is an awful commercial.


The commercials are obnoxious. I turn the channel or mute the TV.

I will never visit this store just based on the commercial.

I have urged the channels locally that carry your commercial to stop.


TOTALLY AGREE !!! I change the channel as soon as it starts screaming at me - I had NO IDEA who the *** you were for a few yrs - just changed the channel. When I DID find out - most CERTAINLY will NOT shop there EVER !!!!


You bunch of dumbasses have taken the bait. The advertising guy is genius. He has you all talking about American Freight

to Anonymous #1107388

Just because your talking about it certainly doesn't mean you would shop there. Me? Absolutely not

to Anonymous Radcliff, Kentucky, United States #1338182

Speaking of know it all ***.... He thinks the advertising guy is a genius!!!

Springfield, Illinois, United States #964464

I will bever spend a dime at American Freight as I detest their obnoxious TV ads. I can't punch the mute button on my remote fast enough when the ads air.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #739847

My family absolutely hates this commercial as well. And are folks here seriously telling people who vent their frustration in posts to get a life and change the channel?

What is the name of this website again? hmmmm... Oh yeah...pi$$edconsumer.com. If I wasn't annoyed by something I wouldn't be on the site.

This commercial has become something of a joke in our household... Or perhaps game is more accurate... Who can scramble to find the remote and mute button the quickest? Tonight we were too slow and we wondered if we were alone in our misery and deep-set abhorance of anything to do with American Freight and it's advertisement.

Our response upon hearing the TOOOOOT TOOOOT of that damnable horn is purely Pavlovian-- hands clutch for a usually just out of reach remote and muscle memory causes fingers to twitch toward an imaginary mute button. The sigh of relief after a successful muting is audible from every person in the room.

American Freight would have to be giving stuff away before I could be convinced to acquire a single stick of furniture from their company... And even then, I think I'd sit or sleep on the floor before I would give them the satisfaction.


I agree with "get a life" and "so sad". If you dont like it change the channel. There are plenty of things in life that you are not going to like get used to it then get over it.


I couldn't agree more. The first time I heard this commercial I was doing something else, and it was so annoying it got my attention.

Unfortunately for THEM, I couldn't understand a word the guy was saying so I didn't catch the name - kind of self-defeating if you're trying to sell something. The next time it came on, I made a point to note the company name so I would know who NOT to patronize. Why?

Because this type of advertising is cheesy and usually indicative of the quality of product and service you can expect. I believe that's what you were trying to convey by your post, which apparently was totally lost on the other two people who posted their ignorant, uninformed replies.


The only thing that is obnoxious is your ridiculous complaint.

to Get a life #785323

Thus speaks the CEO of American Freight.


If you don't like the commercial then change the channel. That common sense even a simpleton like you should be able to understand.

to So sad #785324

What an idiotic comment! You must work for American Freight.

Their commercials must run 100 times a day on different channels so to take So Sad's advice we would never see a program all the way through.

Furthermore, unless you are waiting with the remote in your hand, that toot, toot, and the *** yelling is already assaulting your ears before you can react. I hope American Freight goes bankrupt and you loose your job there So Sad.

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